• Fabián A. Quinteros

    Fabián A. Quinteros

    En continuo aprendizaje…! apasionado por trabajar en tecnología, desarrollo de software e innovación tecnológica.

  • Prasant Kumar

    Prasant Kumar

  • Joe Farro

    Joe Farro


  • James Rawlings

    James Rawlings

    I work on http://jenkins-x.io/ next gen CI/CD platform for Kubernetes

  • Ahmadou Diop

    Ahmadou Diop

  • Samuel Baafi Boakye

    Samuel Baafi Boakye

    Data Science Enthusiast and a Machine Learning Engineer in training at Udacity

  • ashiq khan

    ashiq khan

  • Janki Dani

    Janki Dani

    Experienced front-end developer with over eight years of building and maintaining websites in the retail and finance industry.

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